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"Ask Alan" - Petrophysical Coaching and Technical Support by Core Specialist Services


Core Specialist Services offer the services of our associate, Alan Johnson, a highly experienced petrophysical engineer. As an alternative to simply offering the services of a petrophysicist performing project work remotely, we offer the alternative of mentoring / coaching to develop the skills of the operator team members tasked with petrophysical analysis and most critically assistance with the eventual integration of the new and existing SCAL data into the assets petrophysical model. This type of support can be provided in-house on an occasional / part time / regular basis as suits your requirement. The objective here is to enable your own team to be become ultimately self-sufficient with regard to petrophysical services rather than having to potentially outsource more complex pieces of work.

In addition to the above, Alan can provide the following services, if required.

  • Coaching/training on more general petrophysical aspects of the study: shaly
    sand, thin bed analysis, saturation height modelling etc.

  • Assistance with integration and QC of results into the overall project.

  • Support in partner presentations and external challenge.

  • Advice and assistance on completion of interim and final reports

The Value Proposition

  • The ability to leverage higher-end petrophysical expertise at a fraction of the
    cost of a standard consulting contract.

  • Accelerated development of junior staff.

  • Development of a robust product resilient to external challenge.

Alan's Accomplishments

Alan Johnson has extensive experience in delivering petrophysical support to integrated projects around the world including: Northern, Central and Southern North Sea, Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Vietnam and Australia. His work experience has included a particular emphasis on core data integration, shaly sand analysis and integrated reservoir modelling. From 2007 onwards his focus included supervision, coaching of junior staff carrying out a wide range of studies on North Sea fields plus review and QC of the final products and their integration into larger projects.


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