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Expert Energy Solutions LLC, Denver, CO, USA

Managing Director, Charles Thomas Expert Energy Solutions (EES) provides consulting services for oil and gas production specializing in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) including polymer flooding, polymer gel systems, CO2 flooding, and low-salinity waterflooding, Experience includes petroleum engineering, reservoir evaluation, production optimization, unitization support, and technical and R&D management. Expertise based on 45 years of broad-based R&D, EOR process development and application, reservoir engineering, and management experience.


  • 45 years of broad-based R&D, engineering, and management experience in the oil and gas industry

  • Scientific specialties include enhanced oil recovery (EOR) laboratory and field applications, fundamentals of fluid flow in porous media, rheology of complex fluids, and reservoir characterization and management

  • Developed and managed multidisciplinary R&D programs for EOR research, environmental remediation, oil and gas resource evaluation, oil and gas processing technology, and CO2 sequestration

  • Director and Senior Corporate Scientist–R&D and Reservoir Engineering, TIORCO, LLC

  • Senior Energy Analyst/Technical Advisor SAIC Alaska Energy Office, U.S. DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory

  • Science and Engineering Fellow−U.S. DOE Idaho National Laboratory

  • Director Research Division (Petroleum Recovery Research Center) New Mexico Tech

  • Major oil company R&D, Reservoir Engineering, Management–20 years

  • Project manager and leader for a series of Alaska oil and gas resource evaluation projects for U.S. DOE from 1991 through 2008

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Lecturer for the 2001-2002; "Methane Hydrates: Major Energy Source for the Future or Wishful Thinking?"


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