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High Resolution X-Ray CT Scanning of Core


During early March 2018, Cores Specialist Services installed a Geotek MSCL-XCT core scanning system. This system is capable of generating high resolution (down to 80 microns) X-Ray CT images of reservoir core material (whole core in liner, preserved core, core plugs including rotary sidewall core).

Whilst CT scanning of core has been a routine practice since the 1980's in most cases the deliverable is not a true CT scan but a basic low resolution radiograph. So the term "CT scan" has in-fact been in-correctly used – referring to the method and not the deliverable. The MSCL-XCT scanner acquires high resolution true CT data which can be used to generate 3D images and movies.

The MSCL-XCT can provide circumferential images which are equivalent to bore hole image (BHI) log data though much higher in resolution. Subtle density contrasts are visible from CT than are virtually indistinguishable from visual inspection of slabbed core – apparently "featureless" massively bedded sands can show internal structure. Core structural elements can be clearly defined and the core orientated to fit with the BHI data and therefore extrapolated into the reservoir model.

The resolution is good enough to supply supply high resolution palaeotransport and facies information.
On delivery of circumferential images from our first core in liner project the operator, the sub-surface manager commented "compliments on the extremely high quality of these CT-scan images!".


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